Meet Ken

Ken Park, Jr.


I started photographing nightclubs with a smart phone. I immediately started to post them online to share with my friends the good time I was having, and where I was on any given weekend evening. I was enticed by the lovely people to take pictures, where I soon learned the limitations of my smartphonography. I was proud of the photos and often gained likes on my images, however the likes professional photographers got were a lot more likes than my images ever got. I then decided to get a camera. That camera was the start of my journey. Quickly finding out that cheap point and shoot cameras were better than a smartphone, but still limited. I then learned that I needed a real camera to control the settings to capture more than AUTO would allow me to capture.

My journey in photography began with an AH HA moment! On an outing with some fellow friends photographing an abandoned fort in New Hampshire. I was attempting to capture an interesting scene. One of the other photographers noticed my issue and said, “Change your shutter speed”, I looked at him and was like, change my what? At that moment is when I began to understand my camera. With his help I ended up capturing the scene I had difficulty with on automatic settings.