Patriot Network Summit 2019


Family Photo - 13X19 Just the Print $125.00 + Shipping

Family Photo - 13X19 Print, Mat and Backing Board $200.00 + Shipping

The Patriot Network Summit 2019 Family Photo

Liberty has a price.  You can own your own copy of the Patriot Network Summit Family Photo, crafted as a piece of art to be displayed.  Image is 13″ X 19″ inches and comes complete with backing and matting.  Only thing you need to acquire is the actual frame 18″ X 24″ will be the final dimensions of the photo framed. This is a time limited option and will be archived on 10/29/2019.  Photo will still be available, so please make arrangements if you want this at a later date.  I will make that available with a deposit of 50%.
Retail price  $179.00 + Shipping.   Other purchasing options are available, just let me know what you are looking for. 

First Gallery is Friday April 26th, 2019 VIP Night

A private event for VIP members to get together and listen to some great music and have a meet and greet with some of the speakers that helped make this a memorable event.

Photos are available for purchase, just send me a message on 2nd Amendment 1776

The Summit

April 27th, 2019 a bunch of like minded patriots got together to talk about Liberty.  With that said I took to capturing the events that happened at the summit to share here with you all.

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You will recieved a 45 minute session at one of 3 locations.

Mine Falls Park - Nashua, NH

Winnikinnie Castle - Haverhill, MA

Wildcat Falls - Merrimack, NH

What you get 

3- 4" x  6" prints.  Delivered within 2 weeks of your selection

Other options and add-ons

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